Our story

After over 10 years within industry and a number of different accountancy practices in and around Leicester, Manish established MK Accountants Ltd. in 2006 with the purpose of creating a personable family run practice catering for small-medium sized businesses within Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Our growth and experience

Since 2006 we have worked with a number of different clients who operate in a variety of fields including retail, marketing and healthcare services. We have built a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in working with small owner-managed businesses. Versatile, always learning and with over 25 years of experience within the industry behind us, we welcome clients who operate within a variety of different fields.

Our culture

A local family owned and managed accountancy firm, we pride ourselves on building sound long term relationships with clients and strive to provide personable, customized services to address the specific needs of our clients. Trust and integrity are integral to MK Accountants Ltd. and we strive to provide the best service experience possible for our clients.

Our services

MK Accountants Ltd. provides personalised business start-up and development support in addition to standard accountancy and taxation services.